How A Sense of Urgency Creates Success: It’s Got to be Life and Death

Create Success with a Sense of Urgency: It’s Got to Be Life or Death

This morning, as I went out for my daily jog, something happened in my head that made me realize the correlation between feeling a sense of urgency and being able to consistently create success in life.

As I was running, I noticed that all around me was the beauty of nature: forest, lake, the open sky and fresh air. It was awesome.

But then I started thinking about where I was.

Forest, nature…wild animals.

I could feel my pace pick up a little as I imagined being chased by some unknown predator. My inner dialogue was going crazy: “I’m gonna go out, alone, and jog in this forest. I could run into a bear, a wild dog, something dangerous. What am I doing here?”

I mean, why not just drive a couple miles to the comforts of my local gym, where it was well-lit, cozy, familiar, warm, and most importantly – safe.

And that’s when it hit me.

At the gym, I usually don’t feel a sense of urgency like I would in nature. You know, that feeling that you’ve got to move faster because you need to get home, get back to your car, or even get out of the rain.

No, at the gym on the treadmill or lifting weights, I am pretty comfortable. This is not to say that I don’t work out hard. I do.

But still, I’m comfortable. At ease.

Those Who Feel Urgency Create Success Faster

And when you’re at ease, your body doesn’t produce adrenaline. And without that adrenaline rush, you lose your sense of urgency.

Think about it: When you have a wild bear or a dog chasing you, you’re probably going to run a whole a heck of a lot faster, and work a whole heck of a lot harder, than if you were just running on your own, without something pushing you to go faster.

So, I thought about the goals in my life, right? Maybe the goals in your life.

Without the drive to consistently work hard for something, it would be almost impossible to keep up the momentum needed to achieve long-term success. But if you imagine that another deal, or a new customer, is a life or death situation for you (say making enough money to put food on the table for your family, or knowing that your employees are depending on your continued succeed for their continued livelihood) it can be possible to create that same, life-or-death urgency, in your everyday life.

Now, I’m not saying that to create success you have to feel as if your life is in danger. However, I am saying that with a strong motivator to keep you going, there is no giving up. No stopping when the going gets tough.

What is your motivator? Think about your goals and then imagine you were in the forest, running from something. The faster you run, the more successful you are. If you cannot think of this motivator, then I suggest creating one immediately. Once you know why you are doing what you are doing, that sense of urgency will kick in.

What’s chasing you?

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