Follow Your Dream! Live Like Most People Can’t.

It Takes Hard Work to Follow Your Dream, But it’s Worth It!

There’s a lot of people who are working a job or doing something that they truly don’t enjoy doing in life, and it’s hard. They have to wake up and push themselves every single day. And they have to continue to go to work and do something that they don’t want to do. They don’t realize that to follow your dream takes hard work as well!

But let me give you a little secret.

Going after your dreams is still hard. In fact, sometimes it’s much harder than a “desk job” because there is so much at stake. It’s your dream, after all.

But here’s the difference, guys. The payoff is so much more rewarding.

When we are focused and are working hard to realize a dream, there will be challenges. That’s a given. It will get hard.

Sometimes you’ll want to give up. We all do!

But do NOT give up. Instead, push through. Keep going. Often, it’s during the times of acute discomfort (times that make us want to quit) that we are looking at a crossroads. A decision that can take you in one direction, or the other.

And life will be so much different for you if you are going after what you truly love doing and you finally make it.

So I’d encourage you guys to keep pushing forward.

There’s a phrase I live by:

“I would rather live my life now like most people won’t, so I can live the rest of my life like most people can’t.”

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