Insurance Wars

Hurricane Matthew Leaves Destruction in its Wake

In the horrific aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, people made over 1000 insurance claims. But the Insurance Companies wouldn’t pay. Insurance Wars made it their mission to help those victims who lost their homes, their livelihoods, and in some cases, their lives.

There was over $1 Billion in total damage

But even though most families had been paying for home owner’s insurance for years, the Insurance Companies did not want to pay up after the hurricane left many with no place to live.


Because it’s their job to make money, not pay money.

So the producers of Insurance Wars went out on a mission to expose the real truth and to make insurance companies pay what they owed.

Insurance Wars Reveals the Truth about Big Insurance

Many people didn’t think it was that bad. But they weren’t there when the wind ripped out the roofs of homes. They did not see it peel the stucco off commercial buildings as easily as you’d peel a banana.

Insurance personnel claimed that they “would love to just help out everybody buy new homes if [they] could, [but] that is not how business is done” (IW Promo). Indeed. Instead of doing the right thing, the insurance companies turned away from their clients.

Now, it’s time to expose the truth. Insurance Wars takes a critical look at the way the insurance companies beat down their clients until they were too tired to get up. Well, no more.


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