Insurance Wars Reveals the Truth and Makes Insurance Companies Pay

Have you ever wondered what really happens behind the tragic scenes of natural disasters and insurance claims? Then you won’t want to miss Insurance Wars, a groundbreaking series that takes a critical look at the mistreated victims of Hurricane Matthew. Insurance Wars tells the story of one tireless defender of homeowner rights and how he helped countless families find peace after losing everything.

Insurance Wars Discovers the Truth

In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in 2016, innocent victims made over 1000 insurance claims. Claims by people who had lost their homes, their security, their hope.

Hurricane Matthew caused over $1 Billion in total damage. That’s money that homeowners did not have. In fact, nearly all homeowners had invested in some kind of homeowner insurance. They believed the insurance would protect them against just such an event.

They were wrong.

Insurance Companies don’t want to pay you. Insurance Wars Will Make Them.

Although “some people didn’t think it was that bad,” the winds were so violent during the storm that roofs were ripped off homes and commercial and residential properties alike were decimated. Insurance companies claimed that they “would love to just help out everybody buy new homes if [they] could, [but] that is not how business is done.”

The producers of Insurance Wars decided that the insurance business model needed a readjustment.

The show reveals “the lengths the insurance companies will go to … grind people down, wear them out to make them quit the claims process.” While insurance adjusters claimed that they wanted to help, they were too afraid of losing their own job to do the right thing. Insurance Wars shines a light on the bureaucratic and duplicitous nature of Big Insurance. It takes a dedicated advocate of the people to make a real change.

Well, Insurance Wars has declared WAR on those who refused to pay.


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