Make a Decision!

Make One Decision a Day and Achieve Success

Some of you guys have to make a decision. Right?

You have to decide what you want in life before you can expect to get it.

Where do you want to work?

How do you want to look?

Who do you want to marry?

What is your “why“?

What makes you happy?

Do you want a certain type of car?

Where do you want to live?

If you don’t visualize what you want and decide that you want it, you’ll never, ever get it. Once you voice that decision and commit to it, you can get whatever it is you want!

Decide, and then go after it with all you’ve got

You know, it all comes down to making that decision and then going after it with everything you’ve got. Think about the times in your life when you’ve been focused and motivated. Were you happy? I’ll bet you were. Why? Because you had a direction!

Find Your Direction: One Decision at a Time

And the only way to find your direction is to make a decision about it. It can be small or big, as long as that decision helps you on the path forward. Because if you’re not moving forward, you are going the wrong way. Standing still is just as bad, because when you stay in one place, you get comfortable. And our comfort zone is the enemy of our dreams.

You guys are all over the place.

When you have a clear direction—think about it. It’s like setting coordinates on a GPS on your phone.

You have to know where you’re going in order to get there.

So decide and move forward. Start achieving your dreams and goals!

Go after it with everything you’ve got, and don’t give up.

That’s how you accomplish the dreams in your life.

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