Today Matters. How Will You Spend Your 24 Hours?

What We Choose to do Today Determines Our Tomorrow

All we have in life is time, and how you spend your time determines how successful you are going to be. What you do today also starts a chain reaction for things to come. Think about it: if you exercise today, eat healthy today, and get twice as much work done today, what are the possibilities for tomorrow?

Millionaires…Billionaires…all they have is twenty-four hours in a day.

But the difference between them and the ordinary person is how they spend those twenty-four hours.

You know, some people come up to me and they say, “Chris, I’m working a full-time job. I don’t have enough time to start my dream.”

But we all know that those are excuses! Get rid of it! You don’t need that!

What you need to do is get started on your dream. And how?

Take five minutes. Take fifteen minutes…twenty minutes! Stop and think about what five minutes a day of planning can do. If you plan to take action and commit to it, it’s going to be much harder to ignore. Five minutes can mean the difference between more of the same, or finally making a change.

Now, what could you accomplish in fifteen minutes today? 

  • Do three reps of sit-ups, push-ups, and lunges.
  • Take a mile walk
  • Write a letter/Thank-you note
  • Make three sales calls
  • Write an email to a sales prospect

If you were to take the previous five minutes and plan out your “dream” fifteen, what would you choose to do? And remember, doing 20 push-ups a day, equals 7,300 push-ups a year! And your arms will ROCK. If you walk one mile per day and burn 100 calories doing it, that’s burning 36,500 calories extra per year. You would lose 10.5 pounds just from that easy walk.

When you work towards your dream, you’ll eventually start waking up and realizing “I am doing what I truly love doing in life.”

Because you got started. Most people never get started.

So, I encourage you: go. Start your dream. You only get twenty-four hours. How are you spending yours?

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