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Hurricane Matthew Destroyed Homes, Families, and Lives.

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, thousands of Florida residents found themselves without homes and without hope.

When the hurricane hit, it destroyed lives. It took everything from its victims.

From September 28 – October 10, 2016, Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc on Florida. With top winds at 165 mph, the storm caused 603 fatalities and over $15.09 billion in damages. The hurricane was the first category 5 Atlantic hurricane since 2007’s Hurricane Felix and the deadliest storm since Hurricane Stan in 2005.

When the people turned to their insurance companies for the help they deserved, they were denied. The insurance companies turned their backs on their customers, on the people who needed them the most. It was shocking to see the very companies who sold “home insurance” in case of hurricanes deny help. Help that the homeowners had paid for.

Although they knew they should help the people, the insurance companies refused to pay.

Insurance Wars Helps the Victims of Hurricane Matthew

But through shows like Insurance Wars, it became possible to expose the truth.

After Hurricane Matthew decimated much of Florida, Agency 850 wanted to help. The agency filmed the story of one insurance adjustor and how he tirelessly fought for those people who had lost everything. In a gripping tale of rebuilding hope through unspeakable tragedy, it would take one man and a film crew to help recover some of what innocent people lost.

There were 1000 claims made after Hurricane Matthew. But the crew of Insurance Wars would not rest until the insurance companies paid the people.

Insurance Wars refused to let the insurance companies win.

With shows like Insurance Wars, Agency 850 connects businesses to the clients who need them the most. If you want your business to be showcased in one of our shows, contact us to find out how.

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