Are you comfortable with change?

Are You Willing To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone?

Most people hate change or anything that disrupts their daily process, especially in business or in your work life.  You have to understand that the world moves at a fast pace and you need to move with it. Are you open to change or are you stuck in your old ways?  Don’t become a creature of habit!  Here are some reasons and helpful tips on why change is a very good thing.

  • Without a change in life, things stay the same and ultimately will stagnate and die.
  • Most people have a great fear of something different because it forces them outside their comfort zone. If you want to be successful you have to move outside your comfort zone!
  • Without change, there is no adventure in life and things can get pretty boring.
  • It takes much more energy out of a person to resist than it does to accept it. Just do it.
  • It’s much easier to embrace change than to fight it.
  • Since most will resist doing something different, successful people will use this fact to their advantage. Don’t be like everyone else!
  • Change is learning. Learning is growing. Growing is living.  If you are not growing you are dying.
  • Don’t complain about it. You are wasting energy that could be used for something more productive.
  • Look at change as an opportunity.
  • Status quo is boring and does not get you far in life.
  • Doing something different is exciting and forces you to make a move.
  • Doing something that is new can be scary and uncomfortable only when you look at it that way.
  • People resist something different because of fear of the unknown.
  • The unknown will be uncomfortable unless you shift your position.
  • When we make adjustments we adapt and move forward, when we don’t we move backward.  There is no standing still.

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