Behind the Scenes – Shutting down the City Street

The Stars and Crew Must Align for a Film Shoot

Today, we actually shut down the block in Mobile, Alabama for our next film shoot. We’re on one of the city streets right now, and I’m going to take you behind the scenes. To the inexperienced eye, it may not look like a lot is going on. But there are so many people working together to make this happen! You’ve got the producer (like me) who’s basically the leader of the whole group. The producer is responsible for the project from beginning to end.

Next, you have the director, who is responsible for the actual shooting of the film. But he or she cannot do anything without the screenwriter, who adapts pieces for the big screen (thus the term “writer”). After that, the production designer, actors, music directors, editors, cinematographers, and costume designers help to make all the visual elements come together. It’s not just the director or producer who makes a good film. It’s the entire team.

A Talented and Committed Team Makes a Great Film, Not Just a Producer or Director

It’s hard to convey all the elements (people, weather, timing, financing, actors, directors, producers, the city representatives, film crew) that must come together to make a film. I love the process! It’s so important to have great people around you who are just as committed to the project as you are.

When you’re directing in a small town or city, like we are today, the entire town must be on board for the show to work. If you notice as I briefly filmed the street, there were no pedestrians or cars – just film crew.  Last fall, we filmed one of our most exciting shows yet – Insurance Wars – which takes an inside look at the people who fight for the rights of homeowners who have been hit by disaster, and who risk not getting the help they need from insurance companies. It’s just one way that our films bring businesses closer to the community. I hope you check it out!

This film shoot took a lot of commitment and cooperation on the part of the town, and I’d like to thank the city of Mobile for allowing us to take part in this exciting venture. For more of my onset and live videos, check out my channel to subscribe.


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