Five Ways To Help Those Around You Succeed: And How Being Nice Fosters Success for Everyone

Being nice to others, supporting the team, will build your success and the success of the whole company.
Helping others and appreciating the team results in an invaluable foundation for a successful business.

So many people are going about their career the wrong way.

For many, career success means the never-ending rise on the corporate ladder, the accumulation of wealth and power, prestigious spots bookmarked on boards and associations, and a fancy corner office with the best views.

Yes, all the above sounds nice in theory. But the reality of ambition – for most people – contains some insidious side-effects which can be devastating in the long run. Think about it: what do you often see happen to people who “make it to the top”?

Yes, they have money. Yes, they have expensive toys. But they also have a whole lot of enemies, grudges held against them, bridges burned, and loneliness. It’s true what they say about it being “lonely” at the top. No good can come out of looking for the fast-track to success by stepping over others on the way.

And when you treat others badly, it will come back to you in spades.

Let me ask you this all-important question: Why are you in business? Why do you DO what you do?

If you didn’t answer “because I’m passionate about using my product/service/talent to help others” then you might be heading down that dark path to desolation.

So, let me turn the tone around here, and say that there exists a surefire way to avoid being miserable at the top and to actually GET to the top sooner than you would ever have expected. It’s not rocket science, and it’s not a gimmick or get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a truism of life: When you are kind to the people around you, when you choose to help them, the universe (or God, or a higher being of your choice) always comes through with more of that “good stuff” for you.

And let me tell you this from the bottom of my heart:

There is nothing more rewarding than helping others to succeed.

When you help others, it opens up a whole new level of possibilities for you, your business, and your team, and even your community. Read on for five ways that you can effortlessly start helping others in business and in your life.

Watch and see what happens!

Five Days of Kindness—#5: Help Those in High Places to Achieve Greater Success.

This is for those of you who are new to your career and who sometimes feel as if you “don’t know enough to help anyone else.”Okay, think about it. CEO’s and other successful people do not know everything in the world. It’s impossible! Your superior doesn’t know everything. And that’s your “in” to discovering how you can help.

Perhaps your boss is feeling stressed because of a big project deadline, and you notice that her office is strewn with papers and files. Why not offer to help organize? Or maybe, your boss mentions that he hates working in Excel because it’s “Just too cumbersome” – but you just happen to be an Excel wiz.

Help him! Offer to make the spreadsheet! Not only will you save him priceless hours, but he will never forget the unusual time that someone actually offered to do something without any expectations for some kind of return.

Helping someone just for the sake of being nice just feels good, and when we’re talking about feeling good during our workday, every little thing counts, doesn’t it?

Five Days of Kindness—#4: Stop The Gossip Train for Good and Focus on the Success of All.

We’ve all witnessed that horrible, morale-killing disease called gossip. There are many levels of gossip, but whether they are malicious by intent or innocent in nature, gossip on any level is harmful. One way that you can help your entire office is to be that person who not only refuses to take part in gossip, but who also puts a stop to it when it occurs.

Think about it: the professional workplace should ideally be a safe place to create, to grow, to learn. But so often, mean-spirited gossip takes an otherwise perfect work environment and makes it toxic.

Next time you walk up to a group of colleagues and you hear something being said about someone else, try to redirect the conversation by asking the group a work-related question. Mentioning an important project or deadline will derail the harmful conversation immediately.

If you’re talking one-on-one with someone and they start gossiping, try to deflect and redirect. If that doesn’t work, then it’s time to be professional with a statement like the following: “I’m sorry, I’d really like to stick to a work-related conversation.” Say it with a smile, of course. 😊

Usually, that will work. But if it doesn’t and the colleague persists, you have two choices: gossip or leave the conversation.

When you refuse to gossip about someone, and when you stop a potentially damaging train of gossip from going viral, you are helping someone else in a major way. And you are also showing integrity and honor, something that your colleagues will respect.

Five Days of Kindness—#3: Don’t Shun Those Beneath You: Foster Their Success

Successful and happy entrepreneurs define the word “beneath” differently than most people. Instead of thinking that their employees are “beneath” them, they understand that those very people serve as the foundation “beneath” all that the business stands for!

If you shun your team, you slowly destroy the heart of your business. And doing that is as counter-productive as drilling a hole in the bottom of your boat, or chopping a tree down on top of your house, or taking a key to the side of your beautiful, new sportscar.

It doesn’t make any sense, does it?

It’s a wonder why so many people in authority dismantle the very foundation that got them successful in the first place.

Be nice to those who are just starting out, and help them along the way. If you help someone on your team to learn more, to get better, to be more efficient, then you’re by extension helping yourself! It’s a win-win situation.

And always remember: you were once where they are.

Five Days of Kindness—#2: Smile and be Happy for the Success of Others.

I know, I know. You are probably saying to yourself, “Chris, this is obvious! What are you telling me here?”

But there’s more to it than just smiling.

When you answer the phone and you know it’s your boss, or your colleague, or your secretary, smile first, then say “hello”. If you smile before speaking, your voice will naturally reflect it and the person on the other end will feel like you want to speak with them. Translation: You put others at ease when you smile.

When you see your associate in the elevator, give them a smile and ask them how their day is going (and then actually stop to listen to the answer). Do not be that person who asks the question and then just keeps walking. If you do, your actions show that you don’t care even though your words asked the question.

Smile at the speaker who is presenting. Nod. Appear interested, even if you are not. This one is so important because not only does it show respect for the speaker, but it also makes the speaker regard you as a trusted ally. Trust is priceless in business.

And next time you get up there to lead the meeting, guess who will pay attention?

Five Days of Kindness—#1: Go Above and Beyond to Help in the Success of Others

You know how Scrooge had to learn the hard way that it was more important to be kind than to have a lot of money? Well, instead of waiting to learn the hard way, you have the opportunity right now, TODAY, to make things right!

Start your path to success today by going above and beyond in your life. Think about it: smiling, saying something nice, giving a sincere compliment, holding a door or helping someone carry something – all of these things take seconds to complete, and the return can last a lifetime.

What can you do today to start making a difference in the lives around you? I’d love to hear how kindness creates your success in the comments below. #Inspiration #HelpingOthersSucceed #Success #ChrisDeblasio

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