How To Nail Your Script’s Elevator Pitch In 4 Easy Steps

No matter where you are in the entertainment business, you’ve heard your fair share of elevator pitch horror stories.

Elevator pitches are recommended to last between 20 to 30 seconds, but without practice, you just might end up talking a producer’s ear off or underselling your work. It’s a tough act to master. After all, how do you reduce a passion project you’ve spent years polishing into a 20-second pitch?

Like any other skill, it takes hard work and practice to craft an elevator pitch that holds a producer’s attention without going overboard.

Here’s how to get started.

How to nail your elevator pitch from start to finish

An elevator pitch is a compelling and concise introduction piece about yourself or a project you’re working on. This short intro needs to be communicated in the same amount of time it takes for an elevator to reach a person’s floor.

Like every other speech, you can’t wing an elevator pitch unpracticed and expect it to come out perfectly. Here’s how you can plan out an elevator pitch from start to finish so, when the time comes, you can nail it.

    1. Make a list. Make a list and number it from one to 10. Think about yourself or your project and fill in the most important parts that you want to convey to your listener. Think of what you’ve achieved, your goals, and what sets you apart from the competition.
    2. Don’t hold back with your editing. You have to be prepared to kill your darlings. Once you’ve created a list, edit it without mercy. Get rid of anything you have listed that’s redundant and enhance the parts you’ve generalized.
    3. Record yourself. Once you’ve got your pitch down pat, record yourself giving the pitch. Listen to your tone and your pacing, then make changes as necessary.
    4. Test your pitch out in the elevator. When you think you’re ready, give your pitch out loud in an empty elevator. This is the real test to see if your pitch is concise enough. Plus, changing the environment from your bathroom mirror to the real world will prepare you for anything.

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