What To Do When A Producer Says ‘No’ & People To Avoid In The Biz

Are you an actor, writer or producer just starting out and trying to make your way into Hollywood and need some help?  My love for the entertainment industry began more than 2-decades ago and has given me enough experience to teach fellow industry professionals how to impress producers and financiers to help land the career of their dreams.

Handling Script Rejections

Many budding scriptwriters may have been dejected and frustrated when producers have called their work “unsuitable” or “not quite of the right genre”. What a producer might be saying actually is that the specific script might be fine but it might not be what the audience wants to watch right now. Since a producer knows the latest fashions and trends among audiences, you can succeed at selling your script if you know precisely what is “IN” right now.

Pitching a producer does not end with just one session that happened to end with rejection. If a producer tells you that your script or idea will not quite the rage right now, don’t give up. Instead, approach the same producer after sometime, say 6-months to 1-year, and things in the market would have potentially changed.

Advice for Struggling Actors

Hollywood is full of actors who wish to get their first big role in the movies of their dreams. That does not happen overnight and you can settle with waiting tables in restaurants or tending bar for supporting your career. Never settle for this kind of routine, instead, pick up a job which is in line with the industry in some small way.  Answer phones at a production house, do script coverage for a producer, work at a talent agency. These help you cover your bills and get your foot in the door.

I myself started Agency 850 which specializes in video production and product placement for movies and television shows. You don’t have to go to the extreme and start your own company like I did. By working small jobs in the entertainment industry you build a network and cultivate the connections you need to advance your career.

Identifying Shady People

As much as the movie business teems with promising opportunities, it is also rife with the menace of shady deals and unscrupulous offers. How does one identify what is or isn’t a scam? Instead of just jumping at the first opportunity that may be in front of you, do your homework on the person or company that has made the offer. By interviewing them and gaining insight, you can identify the really shady companies and people and  stay clear of them completely.

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