Simple Things You Can Do To Sharpen Your Acting Skills

Learning to act is like a learning an instrument. You need to practice every day to refine your skills. When you don’t practice, you can end up getting rusty and losing valuable job opportunities.

Luckily, there are a few ways you can keep your acting skills sharp whether you’re actively working on a project or taking a break from work.

Keep your body in shape

It may sound superficial to say that going to the gym will help with your acting skills. But the truth is, staying in shape can help with more than your physical appearance.

You need to have stamina, self-control, and flexibility when you’re on set. It’s easier to work long hours when your body is in peak physical condition. Exercise also helps to keep your mind sharp and your body relaxed so you can retain more information. Finally, a killer body will help give you the confidence you need to succeed as an actress or actor.

Learn a new scene every day

Acting is a skill that’s maintained through learning and exercise. An artist can’t expect their artistic skills to get any better if they don’t practice sketching, so why would you expect your acting skills to get any better if you don’t practice a new scene?

As an actor, it’s critical to be able to memorize lines on the fly. Even if you never play the characters whose lines you’re memorizing, you’ll be refining your skills in memorization and evolving your emotional range.

Take a weekly acting class

This may not be a revolutionary acting tip, but a surprising number of actors feel they don’t need to be involved in a weekly class. When you’re just starting out, this lack of commitment can do more harm than good for your career.

Think about how often you’re performing with others. A few auditions every month won’t keep your acting skills at their peak. Enroll yourself in a weekly acting class to stay involved, network, and keep yourself motivated to learn new acting skills.

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