Product Placement: Why Branded Entertainment Still Works

Branded entertainment such as product placement is one of the fastest growing advertising media and for good reason. When moviegoers and binge-watchers are consuming entertainment, they see what’s on screen as a reflection of real life.

That means the brands they see on screen are more appealing to them because they’re the brands used by interesting characters. But does product placement still work or have viewers become too perceptive of the brands they see on screen?

Is product placement worth investing in?

Today’s media consumers and moviegoers are more perceptive of product placement. In some cases, consumers are able to recognize when a certain brand is being advertised to them and they treat the product placement as any other marketing ad.

But that doesn’t mean product placement doesn’t work. In fact, product placement is still one of the best ways to advertise to consumers because oftentimes (when the product placement companies do it well) the product is used naturally on screen.

Media consumers wouldn’t think anything of a protagonist researching on their laptop that just so happens to be an Apple computer. Nor would they think anything of the main character using Reese’s Pieces to lure out an alien in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.

It’s because the products are used as naturally as possible in the scene and it doesn’t seem forced. After the premiere of Spielberg’s film, Reese’s Pieces saw a 65% increase in sales.

It’s safe to say that, with the right product placement company, brand entertainment is a good way to go. This is especially true considering online users outright ignore the ads they see on social media.

Why does product placement work?

Now that you know product placement works, you may be asking yourself how it works. Why does a certain character drinking a certain brand of beverage make us want that beverage?

The answer is implicit self-identification. Implicit self-identification is when you automatically associate yourself with a certain brand. This goes for characters as well.

When media consumers see a certain character using a brand, they automatically associate the brand with that character. This causes viewers to like a brand even more than they did at the start of the movie or show.

Looking for product placement companies to boost your marketing?

Product placement companies have been used for years and it’s because they work. Product placement can increase your brand awareness by up to 20% and 60% of moviegoers say they feel more positive about the brands they see on screen.

If you’re looking to boost your brand awareness, my film production company is the one for you. For more information on my videography and brand placement, contact Chris DeBlasio today.

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