If a producer tells you “NO” what do you do? #PitchChris | Chris DeBlasio

When Pitching your script to a producer, if they tell you they are not looking for that particular genre at this time, what should you do?

Hey Monica, that is a great question. My first words of advice to you: don’t worry, because a lot of times if you’re pitching your script to a producer and they say it’s not the right genre, it’s because they understand what’s going on in the market and what’s going on in the world. So if you have a romantic comedy or something like that and it’s just not the right time, understand that it’s not a “no”; it’s just a “not yet.”

A lot of times what a producer will do is they will shelve your script and come back to it when the timing is right. But the most important thing that you can do is put it on your calendar and schedule and call them. When you’re talking to them and they give you an objection like “You know what, it’s not the right timing,” you say, “Okay, great. I understand. When can I give you a call back?” Three, six months, a year, whenever it is, put it on your calendar and contact them back.

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