Can you earn and living while doing what you love? We say YES!

Can you earn and living while doing what you love? We say YES! Find out more below! #ChrisDeBlasio #Agency850 #video #film #cinema #filmmaking #videoproduction

How do I earn a living and sustain a career doing what I love? I hear you, Tim, but you’ve got to make a living, right? I would say a lot of people in the business, especially actors, they’re going to take bartending jobs or waiting jobs. But I would challenge you with this: try to find a job that supports your career that is in line with the entertainment business.

For instance, I’ll give you what I did. I started an advertising agency and I started marketing for the entertainment business, which allowed me to still be connected to the entertainment business and still produce and do all the other things I love. The advertising is actually what pays the bills.

So I would try to align myself with a job that supports the entertainment business. Or maybe even – there’s some paying gigs that you can be a secretary or answer the phones at a production house. It’s paying the bills, but it’s still aligning you with your passion.

So find those areas on what can pay your bills but also keep you connected to the business

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