ADVICE: Do your roots go deep enough to weather HURRICANE FORCE WINDS???

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Do your roots go deep? Can you weather the storm when it comes? Get a good support system!

I don’t want to get to metaphorical with you guys today But I did want to show you something. I am actually here… I have some property in North West Florida… Where Hurricane Michael hit…

I want to show you something… I want to show you THAT! So this tree… was on my property… I am going to take you around the other side… we actually cut off the front because what happened was it actually came down and took down some power lines and pretty much shut down the power in the entire development here. but I wanted to show you this…. this tree.. and i have a lot of different trees on my property… including this dead one over here that actually weathered the storm and didn’t go down.. but this tree right here… was a healthy tree and was actually green… it looked great and thank God it didn’t hit a building or anything like that.. it just took out some power lines.

but my point is… much like life… there are some people… that look great on the outside, look like they have it all together but they don’t and when the storms come… they get uprooted like this guy.

the thing is that you have to learn from some of these situations. what I see is that you have to have a good root system. If you don’t have good mentors, good advisers, people around you that truly love and care about you… give you the right advice… when the storms come… you are going to be in trouble. and the thing is… these storms are definitely going to come throughout life. So it is very important for you to seek advice from the right people… and also surround yourself with people that truly TRULY care about you and have your best interests.. because, when the storms come… and I can assure you that they will come…

You don’t want to end up like this guy.

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