ADVICE: Should I send my headshots to producers?

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Should I send my headshots to producers?

I send my headshots to casting directors all the time, should I start sending them directly to producers?


So, it looks like you are already sending your headshots to casting directors and it sounds like it is unsolicited which I would advise against… I think unless you are submitting specifically to a project… you should only submit to when those projects or role for you is becoming available but sending it directly to a producer unless you personally know that producer.. or have a relationship with them where you can just.. “Hey I heard you are doing this project… here you go.. here is my resume.” I wouldn’t blind send your resume to a producer or email your resume to a producer… because there is a process for a reason… producers hire casting directors… to narrow down the talent pool… so we don’t get bombarded with every single actor out there… specifically for a roll. we hire these casting directors to sort through thousands and thousands of submissions… that are brought for this one roll…to then weed it down to that handful of people that are… right for that roll… if you start sending your headshots directly to a producer and there is no project for you.. it could get quite annoying… so.. i say stick to the process… we as producers.. we hire casting directors for that reason… is to go through all of those resume submissions so.. I would send them directly to the casting directors.. . when that role is right for you.








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