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FREE ADVICE! Enjoy the Moments in Time So, I’m Actually hanging out here in a hotel room in Mobile Alabama.

We’re actually shooting a movie out here.

But I wanted to talk to you guys about something that’s really really near and dear to me and that’s the importance of time. Think about it the importance of time.

What you spend your time on means all the difference because here’s the thing you can’t ever you can’t ever get it back.

Right you can’t buy more time science hasn’t figured out a way to make more time we all get the same amount millionaires billionaires it doesn’t matter who you are we all get the same amount but the difference between somebody that’s successful in life and somebody that is not is the way that they spent their time.

That’s the biggest thing is you have to understand that you’re never gonna get these moments back.

I think back on my life there’s goals that I had and I think about some moments in time I wasted I wasted that time I’m never gonna get it back but here’s the biggest thing if you’re in the same boat and you’ve wasted time towards your goal and then you gave up because you figured you waste of time do not look back and regret.

Start over don’t want to hear the excuses that I’m too old, you’re never too old you can always start again because every time every moment is a chance to start over again but when you start over again understand this concept of time that you’re never gonna get it back and every step that you take every moment in time has to be leading towards your goal.

If you can do that if you make that change don’t look back and regret look forward and understand that every single moment in the present is gonna get you closer to your goal long as you’re focused on that you’re gonna be a lot more successful and a lot more happier in life and that is my wish for you guys so focus on the time enjoy the moments because we only get one shot at this life!








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