How do you go about including product placement into your TV shows or Movies?

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FREE ADVICE: How do you go about including product placement into your TV shows or Movies?

“I heard your video about product placement how do you go about working that into movies or TV shows?”

Yes product placement so the way we work as a company is we work directly with a production company and the advertiser.

So a production company will come to us with a script and we’ll comb through that script and find if there’s areas of opportunities for advertisers that we have to market their their product inside your  script.

One of the things that we look at is you know what genre is your script what type of viewers are going to be watching your movie because a lot of these things dictate who we’re going to pitch this to who we’re going to sell advertising into because that’s their market.

We want to mate we want to line up so for instance if you have say a romantic comedy and the love interest wears a certain type of brand that she’s a certain type of woman well we’re gonna find a clothing company that’s looking to get to that market or for instance if you have a project that is a younger demographic we’re going to want to find a brand that is looking to market to younger demographics and then after that we comb through the script and we work with the writing department where we’ll actually work the advertiser into the script.

Now a lot of times you know the advertiser you know they want a certain amount of exposure and we help facilitate that because we know because we’re also filmmakers as well I’m a producer so I understand that you don’t want to take away from the the creative, the narrative of the film.

At the same time the brand wants the most exposure so we help balance that whereas if you tried to do it yourself a lot of the issues happens to where an advertiser is telling you they want one thing and they’re willing to give you money and you want their money but you don’t want to give up all of that creative and eventually turning your project in one big commercial which you don’t want to do.

So what we do is we help navigate that for you great question








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