EPISODE 15 #PitchChris – Script Advice? Funding Your Project? Importance of Resume Credits?

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EPISODE 15 #PitchChris

Are you getting conflicting script advice?

A new way to fund your project.

How important are resume credits for a new actor?

On this episode of pitch Chris I’m going to be talking to you guys today about how do you deal with conflicting advice when it comes to your script another way to fund your project and why it’s so important to build credits on your resume as a new actor hi and welcome to episode 15 of pitch Chris where you guys ask me questions about the entertainment industry and I answer them for you to ask me a question simply go to my social media at Chris DeBlasio hashtag pitch Chris and I’ll be happy to answer all the questions you guys have this first question comes from Jennie. let’s see what Jennie’s got Chris this is Jennie from Atlanta thanks for taking my question I’m a production assistant actor and writer here in Atlanta and I have a script that I’ve gotten some very valuable feedback from two different experienced screenwriters in the industry the struggle I’m having is that the advice is totally opposite one gentleman gave me suggestions for the script to make the script and the story stronger while the other gentleman suggested I take the script in an entirely different direction to make it more marketable now so the question I have for you is if this were your script which direction would you go hey Jenny good for you for actually getting feedback on your work getting real feedback Bravo so what I do is I actually take feedback from a multitude of people and then what I do is I look at what everybody sings you’re not gonna always get the same thing you could get conflicting stuff and I would look at company you know with a combination of everybody what they’re telling me I then go with….


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