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Focus on the Journey Not the Goal! You will be Happier!

So I just got into our hotel here and were I’m in Mobile Alabama we’re shooting a Movie entitled voices I’m actually the executive producer on but I also have a cameo role today Which is kind of cool. But I wanted to talk to you guys today about the difference between the journey and the goal. See a lot of you guys have set goals in your life. I’ve set a lot of goals in my life but the issue became is when I actually achieved those goals. I actually you know there’s goals that I’ve set in my life and I’ve actually, won I’ve achieved it but what the issue was After I got it I was like well now what what next what do I do and for some of you that actually could be very dangerous it’s almost like a drug right like after you get that high you get that hit you finally win it You got to fill that void right? So what I would say is focus on the journey focus on the process of getting there enjoy that. If you can enjoy learn to enjoy the journey and not the goal You’re gonna live a lot happier life because even in ups and downs doors close in your face you still have your eye on that Prize as long as you’re never gonna give up and you’re gonna constantly move towards that goal that is what life is about Right? We’re only here on on earth for a short time so enjoy the process on getting to your goal and I’d also encourage you Set your goals very high set them high but enjoy the process of getting there. Focus on the journey not the goal god bless!








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