You MUST Have a Crystal Clear Vision

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You must have a crystal clear vision and follow that vision all the way through.

So I’m actually on the set of voices and I wanted to talk to you guys about a couple of things are actually setting up for the next shot but I wanted to talk to you about about vision so our director Nathaniel Nuon goes my Sith he’s a really good friend of mine had this vision a long time ago and we’re actually in the convention center here in Mobile Alabama place is beautiful you wanna check it out so they’re actually setting up and one of these rooms over here but I wanted to talk to you about vision Sith had this vision about this this project a long time ago it actually started many many months ago and putting it together now it’s actually coming to fruition we’re actually on location and kind of wrapping up one of these very large scenes we have today but he had a vision about it and I think in no matter what you’re doing in your career you need to have a vision that is crystal clear and the clearer your vision is you’ll be able to see it through to the end and I think that is the key when it whether it’s filmmaking or whether it’s your starting a business or you know you’re just trying to follow your career you’re trying to you know follow your dreams in life that’s what you need to do is have a crystal clear vision for everything and once you do that you’ll be able to realize that all the way through and have that process all the way through so I hope this helps you guys I’ll be keeping you updated as I’m on set god bless








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