THIS IS GREAT ADVICE! What do you do with your completed script?

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You have completed a script and it is awesome! Now what do you do with it?

I have a completed awesome script now what here’s one thing if you’re planning on making this an actual movie or a TV show you wanna you want to bounce that off of as many people as you can right so you want to show start with your closest family first and friends go over your script get feedback as much as as much feedback as you possibly can on your script before you even think to take it to a producer because a lot of times in this business you’re only gonna get one shot once you get that shot it could get shelved and that’s it so you want to get feedback on your script and also the question that you’re asking like now what you should know what you want to do with this script where you want to take it you know who would be the best producer to take it to…….

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