What is more important… Your acting class or booking that next job?

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I am just starting out in acting, what would you say is most important the acting class training or booking the job. OK.. Well, most of you guys know… I have been in your shoes as an actor before but I am also on the other side of the camera as a producer. As an actor, you want to book the job… that’s what pays the bills. As a producer… you have better know your stuff before we actually book you for the job. Because if we book you for the job and you are not on point. That is going to spell disaster for your career. What is going to happen is, we are entrusting you to and we are bringing you on set and trusting you with this role. But if you are not prepared for that role. You are going to really hurt your career. Yes.. you want to book that job. Please do get acting coaching.. definitely be prepared before you enter that room. Because… like I said, in the long run, if you are not ready, it is going to hurt your career. I understand as actors you want to book the job. but just make sure you are prepared.

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