Motivation Station! Why Don’t People Keep Their New Year’s Resolution?

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So.. we are about a week and a half into the new year And I want to hear what your new year’s resolution is. Go ahead and post in the comments And while you are doing that.. I want to hit you guys with a question Why is it that.. most people do not keep their new year’s resolution around week 3? Week 4 and you are totally back to your old ways.
So whether it is your career.. you see a lot of this in fitness Some of you guys want to get into shape for the new year. You get up early.. you get to the gym. And you work out Harder than you have ever worked out before literally to make up for last year and cram in everything in one day. And then what happens? You wake up the next day and you can’t get out of bed. That is not how you do it. The key is.. you need to have consistency…If you do a little bit every single day towards your goal. Whether it is for your career or in fitness and not try to cram in everything into one day. It is going to be a lot less painful.

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