How do you deal with pending doom?

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So.. it is January 29th and today the weather man here in Atlanta predicted that we were going to have a blizzard… it’s going to be a catastrophe and everything is going to be shut down… So I wanted to show you guys this…. It is so bright you cant even see out my window.. NO snow what so ever! And yes.. I have palm trees outside my window. But it got me thinking How many times have you guys… been told about bad news or you have tried to predict that bad things were going to happen to you in the future and all this other stuff and it never happens? And what I wanted to leave you guys with is… Don’t always listen to the worst things that are going to happen if they have not happened yet… There are a lot of people out there predicting things out there about the stock market and the economy and all this other stuff…. If you are fearful of the future… ultimately you are going to hold yourself back in the present. My father used to talk about… don’t look back in regret don’t look forward in fear but look around in awareness. And I think the most important thing for you guys in getting bad predictions is.. Don’t focus so heavily on the negative future.. you can only do what you can do and sometimes….. Like outside… sometimes those bad things never happen. So stay positive and do great. God bless! #ChrisDeBlasio #Snowmageddon #CelebrityCEO #Agency850


How do you deal with pending doom?








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