Celebrity CEO Episode 002 “How We Pay For It”

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I have a TV show called #PitchChris… and the number one question I get on my show is how do I raise that first dollar? How do I make money? This is a way. Hi, My name is Chris DeBlasio.. I am an executive producer and CEO of Agency 850 I am probably insane but a day in the life for me.. I usually wake up anywhere around from 4am to 4:30.. I start very very early. I have a couple of companies that I run. So, I wake up super early… anywhere from 4am to 4:30 in the morning I used to wake up super early. I used to wake up at 3’o Clock in the morning because I used to work out. But we are fortunate in this new office we have a 24/7 gym so I work out after work. I usually get up around 4 O’Clock I am a coffee drinker…. I think that is a requirement to be a producer. You have to drink a lot of coffee. So usually I have two bowls of coffee… And then I have quiet time… some time for myself for some prayer, meditation… I also focus on things that I am thankful for I find that… when you do that… it puts you the right mindset for the day and then I go right into my emails. I check Facebook and Instagram.. all of my social media accounts. I actually reply to all of my messages. So I jump in my car… depending on traffic it could take me an hour in the car.. but one of the things that I like to do is is.. instead of listening to music.. I like to listen to podcasts. I actually am working, I am studying, I am learning more things on my way to work. So this way I am not wasting that time… “Windshield Time” I call it. I am not wasting time behind the windshield. I am actually learning while I am getting to work. When I get to work… that is when it starts. So My name is Chris DeBlasio… I am CEO of Agency 850. So what we are seeing… some of the trends… If you notice. Back in the day there wasn’t many television shows.


Celebrity CEO Episode 002: How We Pay For It


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