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You Have to Trust Your Team!








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I wanted to talk to you guys about trust… trust in your employees or trust in people that are working around you that you bring on to your team… whether you are in business or whether it is a film set and you are hiring a crew…. you have got to trust people because… this happens all the time.. People have been burned in the past.. specifically in the entertainment business you have been burned in the past… You always have that guard up not trusting people and allowing them in because ow what happened to you in the past.. The danger of that is… is that you are putting everybody in a box. And if you put everybody in a box and you stay there.. you are never going to build a successful team because…. because you are always going to be looking for the faults in people as opposed to what they could potentially bring. What I would recommend is to put that aside. You are going to get burned.. it is going to happen.. no matter how good you are .. people are going to burn you. And there is nothing you can do about it. So what I would recommend is just making sure that you don’t have your guard way up and you give people a chance. because the fact of the matter is.. if they are going to do something shady….or they are going to go behind your back.. or do something that is just not ethical.. they are going to do that anyway and they are going to do that with the next employer too… eventually, that character trait is going to show up in every single thing that they do what you should do is show pity for them…but all you can do… is brush it off because you are going to get burned.. you are going to get hurt… it is going to keep happening.. but if you have that guard up and you can’t hire people… because of that.. it is going to be a problem. So don’t allow that to… be your road block for building your team. Whether is is for your company or for a production or something…

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