New to the area….Where is a good place to move to in Atlanta?

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New to the area? Where is a good place to move to in Atlanta?








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Hi, my name is Ben. I’m an actor who is planning on moving to Atlanta in a few months to pursue my acting career professionally. My question is what is a good place to move in Atlanta in regards to the film industry? And also what’s a good way to network, get connections with fellow actors, filmmakers and also agents? Thank you. Hey Ben, that was a great question and we’re happy to have you come into Atlanta. So there’s a couple of things that you’re going to know and there’s two major things, ITP & OTP. What is that? Inside the perimeter, which is everything that’s inside Atlanta. So it’s gonna be more city life more clustered together. And then outside the perimeter. Which is more of the country life. I guess you could say the farther out you go the more space you’re gonna have. So it really depends on your preference of living. I do know however that Midtown, a lot of creatives are clustered around Midtown. So that might be a good area. Ponce Market is a good area to live around if you want to be around creatives. So those are the two things you gotta know. But one of the most important things traffic. No matter where you go in Atlanta, I love Atlanta, but you are going to find traffic. So it’s very similar to the 405 if you ever spent time out in LA. But yeah the traffic is something that you definitely want to take in mind wherever you live. The second part of your question is about networking. So there’s a couple of things out here, a lot of great organizations like the GPP Georgia Production Partners they’ll be able to connect you they have quarterly events and sometimes monthly events that you can attend. You want to get to know about the Atlanta Film Festival which happens every year out here. It will connect you with a lot of people in the business that are locally out here. So hope that helps. We look forward to having you come here to Atlanta, Georgia.

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