#PitchChris Episode 25 – Getting Sponsors, Latin Productions in ATL and Networking with your Brand

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#PitchChris Episode 25 – Getting Sponsors, Latin Productions in ATL and Networking with your Brand


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On this episode of #PitchChris how do
you get a sponsor to sign on that dotted
line? There are Latin productions moving
to Atlanta how do you break in? And how
does your personal brand help you
network? Hi and welcome to episode 25 of
#PitchChris new milestone, where you guys
ask me questions about the entertainment
business and I answer them for you. To
ask me a question find me on social
media @ChrisDeBlasio #PitchChris and I’ll be happy to answer all
the questions you guys have. Let’s get
started. Hey Nilsa, so my first advice to
you is the Atlanta film business is
small but the Latin Atlanta film
business is even smaller. So my advice to
you is the network, network, network you
want to meet as many people in this
business as possible, because when those
specific Latin companies or productions
come into town…. you want to know about
them. Another thing is to build your
resume with credits so you can land more
of those roles. So maybe you’re not
booking as much as those gigs and you’re
just getting started. I’m not quite sure
where you’re starting out with but if
you just are getting started out maybe
create your own content. There are plenty
of people that are on Instagram or
YouTube that have created their own
content and just keep pushing out their
own content and make it more of
like, you know something in the genre
that you want to be acting in. So if it’s
the Latin market, create a Latin show.
Maybe host your own talk show that is
Latin influence to start building those
credits on your resume. If you don’t have
any yet. Because you want to have credits
on your resume, you want to network,
because when those right productions
come into town you’re gonna be the first
they choose. Hey guys here’s my question
when I’m approaching possible sponsors
for a project I’m trying to make… what
are some materials that I need to have
together in my packet to present to them
to improve my chances of getting their
sponsorship? Thanks!

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