Whats the difference between an executive producer and technical producer?

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Whats the difference between an executive producer and technical producer?


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Hey Chris this is Isabelo Pasqual, co-owner and producer Dream Machine Productions. I’m curious if you prefer being a technical or a creative producer and if Agency850 is interested in doing some potential new productions let me know. So before I get into what type of producer I am let me explain the difference to our audience of what a technical producer is and what a creative producer is. So a technical producer is somebody that handles the logistics of a production the nuts and bolts they’re working with the DP and just how the production actually comes together on the day-to-day tasks and all the minuscule things that work all the moving parts. Whereas a creative producer is somebody that will work directly with the director or work with a writer in packaging the script making it more entertaining if you will making it more attractive to a distributor. So a lot of times writers will work with a director with a creative producer to actually tighten up their script. So even though I understand the technical side of things… hands down I am a creative producer. So a lot of times writers will come to me with a rough script and they want to get it tightened up. Because I started out in front of the camera as an actor, I understand character arcs and character interaction. So creative is a natural fit for me to help out but to answer your next question. Yes Agency850 does partner and do co production so if you got something brewing send it our way. I’d love to work with you.

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