#PitchChris Episode 28 – Casting Directors, Product Placement and Booking that 1st Gig

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#PitchChris Episode 28

Why do casting directors pick one person over another?

What sized companies would work for product placement in your movies?

How do you book that first acting gig?


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On this episode of #PitchChris why is it a casting director chooses one actor over another. If you’re a filmmaker and you’re looking to get product placement in your movie what size company should you go to. And are you an actor trying to book that first gig find out how. Hi and welcome to episode 28 of #PitchChris where you guys ask me questions about the entertainment business and I’m gonna answer them for you. To ask me a question find me on social media at Chris DeBlasio #PitchChris I’ll be happy to answer all the questions you guys have. This first question comes from Kelly in Atlanta. Let’s see what Kelly’s got to say. Hi I’m Kelly Pittman, I’m 5’8″ I live in Atlanta, Georgia. And my question is when casting for a particular role… what tends to be the biggest differentiator between candidates resulting in booking one over other? And specifically… say hopefully booking me over someone else. Thanks ! Hey Kelly… so when it comes to auditioning and some of these things have happened to me before you know… I would go into an audition.. now I’ve got brown hair, hazel eyes right…I’m very specific… I go in nail it, right!?! And then don’t get a callback and I actually see the project that I auditioned for on TV or in the movies and it’s a blond-haired blue-eyed guy right?!? And I think to myself, alright well what’s going on? Well you can’t control what the decision is. Sometimes they just they may change it on the spot. They may audition a whole bunch of people because they don’t know what they’re looking for. So I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself. If you don’t book the audition, the only thing that you can do as an actor is give your best always. When you go in that audition room just nail it. Because your job as an actor is to audition. Once you get the audition then you work. You work on a project but if you stay focused with that and always give your best work you’re gonna start booking.

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