Celebrity CEO Episode 004: Brick by Brick

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Celebrity CEO Episode 004 Brick by Brick


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Don’t listen to the haters. It’s classic
term but there are… first off I applaud
all of you for being here and going
after this craft. Because there are so
many people oftentimes that are very
very close to you that are gonna put you
down and tell you go get a real job.
oh right.. we get our office looking nice.. Right now it is an empty space. Are you guys going to build walls and everything? We’re probably not gonna really need to.
There’s some things that we’re gonna do
inside like it’s the way it’s set up is
pretty sweet because there’s one area
where we can actually make our own green
screen studio and just have that in so
clients can come over and record you
know anything. Well, let’s see.. John Kelly is actually my operating
officer who is actually hold down the fort
while we’re up here. But I have two
offices… so I still have an office on the
beach in Florida. And I have an
account manager down there and another
video guy down there. And we actually
have I have a lot of crew in Mobile. Up
here we started hiring… we brought Drees
on he was in Atlanta and we recently just brought
Luis on out of KSU. So we’re in
growth mode now. So we’ve been
really staffing up our our Atlanta
office. The biggest thing for me is
culture in a company. And what I love is
we’re it’s not we’re like a family… we
are a family, you know. And yes we may
bicker every once in a while. oh my gosh..
fantastic.. it was just sitting on a tripod…
who use this last? I’ve never used it!
way to go guys! But at the end of the day
we’re brothers and sisters right. It’s
that’s the way it is.. like I
always say you know when I hire
people… it’s like it’s an adoption
process right. It’s not picking them
because you know what’s based on the

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