#PitchChris Episode 029: Networking on Social Media, Your Day Job & Film Career and How do you go from a Theater Actor to a Film Actor?

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#PitchChris Episode 029: Networking on Social Media, Your Day Job & Film Career and How do you go from a Theater Actor to a Film Actor?

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On this episode of #PitchChris we’re
gonna be talking about how do you
network on social media? How do you run
your day job and side hustle? And how do
you convert theater acting to film
acting? Hi and welcome to episode 29 of
#PitchChris where you guys ask me
questions about the entertainment
business and I answer them for you. To
ask me a question find me on social
media at Chris DeBlasio #PitchChris they’ll be happy to answer all the questions you guys have. Let’s get
started. This first question comes from
Michael. Let’s see what Michaels got. -Hey
Chris, Michael DeMaria here from Gulf
Breeze Florida on the Emerald Coast. I am
a filmmaker and actor here just back
from LA and I’m looking to connect with
others, possibly to do a web series. And
finding other like-minded
to cast and crew that might be
interested in doing something like a web
series. So, I know about Mandy.com
Actors Access but I’m interested in other
options if you know of any. Thanks so
much, have a great day.
Hey Michael, so Gulf Breeze Florida is
not far from my old stomping ground,
Panama City Beach in Destin 30A area.
Really do miss those sunsets!
So yes you do have Actors Access you
have Mandy.com but there’s another thing
that you can use is social media. If you
go on social media you could actually go
directly to a director, look at their
work and see if it’s somebody that you
want to work with. See if they might want
to collaborate with you on your web
series. That would be a great way that
you can actually start networking with a
director or somebody in the business and
leveraging social media. Because if you
leverage social media you’ll be able to
start accessing talent that you may not
be able to find a project or
something that fits on say Mandy or say
Actors Access. You’re able to find
somebody directly and build a
relationship. And what I say all the time

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