5 Reasons Why Hiring the Right Motivational Speaker Is Important for Your Business Success

Why Hiring the Right Motivational Speaker Is Important For Success

Hiring the right keynote speaker for your business, or attending the right seminar, can keep you ahead of the digital marketing trends.

Let’s just be honest – most people have NOT thought about being a motivational speaker.

Most people are terrified at the thought of public speaking.

So what makes a few of us crazy enough actually to WANT to do it?

There are more than a few reasons but one of those reasons is because motivation isn’t easy to sustain. Since motivation isn’t easy to sustain, there will always be a need for what we do. Since most people don’t want to do it – it is very valuable.

Continue reading this article and learn why it is important to hire the right keynote speaker for your business.

Top Reasons to Hire the Right Motivational Speaker

Picking the right person to speak at your event is key. If you choose a speaker that isn’t in alignment with your message, you will attract the wrong audience and have a less than successful event. While they don’t have to be movie-famous, you do need to find the right person.

1. Attract Your Ideal Audience

When you hire someone to speak at your event, you can’t hire them solely because you like them. While you might like them, your ideal audience might find them repulsive.

Think about the people that will come to hear someone speak and make sure that is who you’re trying to sell to. In the case that you’re having an in-house event, think about the people that your employees will be excited to hear from.

Having a clear understanding of your ideal audience will allow you to find and hire the right person. When you book the speaker to come and you have a clear vision for the event, they will be able to give you what you need easily.

2. A Customized Talk

No one likes to hear a parroted talk.

If your speaker comes in and your audience hears the same talk they heard on YouTube – not good. You want the audience to know that the speaker took their concerns into account.

You want the audience to know that this talk is for THEM. When people see the speaker has crafted the talk for them, they are much more likely to pay attention. And they are much more likely to stay engaged throughout most of the talk.

3. Focused on Your Company’s Needs

Do you get to speak with and strategize with the speaker before the event?

A customized talk from outside observation isn’t enough. If you’re having a specific challenge with your employees, you can allow the speaker to help you get a message across.

While you may not be able to speak directly with your employees about an issue, an outside speaker will often be able to break through to your employees.

If you’re having an event for an audience outside of your company, that is a whole other talk you’ll need. You may need the speaker to paint your company in a specific light to attract more business. You may want them to promote a certain product.

Having a speaker that is willing and able to craft their talk directly around your company’s needs will allow you to get more bang for your buck.

4. Inspires Action

Hiring a speaker isn’t only about entertainment. Hiring a speaker is about inspiring action.

Since motivation is difficult to sustain, you want as much jump charge for your audience as possible.

Think about the audience as if their batteries are almost drained. They cannot go one more mile without a boost.

Can the speaker give them the boost they need to make it the extra mile? Or are they going to fall short and leave them wanting more?

It isn’t always the most famous speaker that inspires action. Sometimes the speaker that inspires the most action is someone they can relate to. If they feel like their stories align and they understand their struggle – even an unknown speaker can have an immense impact.

5. Charisma

No one likes a boring speaker.

Do you remember the dry eyes commercials?

No one will be clearing anything up if the speaker is that boring.

Take the time to watch videos of past engagements. Have a phone or video call with the speaker before you hire them. If you don’t get a good feel about them when you watch them or talk to them – move on to the next option.

Bonus Tip – Set Goals for Your Event

Once you hire the right speaker for your event, make sure you set goals.

Don’t hope that your event is going to “go well.” Make sure you and the speaker both know what a successful event looks like.

If you hire an experienced speaker, they’ve done this a few times so collaborate with them. Talk with them to find out what they believe they can provide to you, your event and your company overall.

The person that is speaking likely has their own goals. They have their own reasons for why they want to speak at the event.

You may be able to get a discounted rate if you allow them to promote their program or book. Only do this if the product or service is going to benefit your ideal audience. A discounted rate isn’t worth ruining the audience’s experience at the event.

Make Your Next Conference a Success

Want to have a successful conference? As you learned above, the motivational speaker you choose will have a major impact on how things go.

Get in contact today to learn about booking Chris for your next event.

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