Celebrity CEO – Episode 005: Black Hall Studios

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Celebrity CEO – Episode 005: Black Hall Studios

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Oh am i talking?
So this guy here… I think is what keeps
everybody in the ad agency excited.
Like literally, there’s a line here every
single morning. So one of our clients
actually got us a Nespresso machine
which is pretty awesome. Who? -Our favorite
client Ian from evil or Eagle Business
credit. This is a machine that
puts out liquid legal crack espresso. Ian
we love you mate. So we took out one
of our clients Ian Varley from Eagle
Business Credit… we took him out to
dinner and like the next day or the day
after… like this mysterious box shows up
at our door. – It’s like getting a new
MacBook.. no it’s pretty much the MacBook of coffee
– I just so appreciate the
taste of coffee – a moment to reflect… even this
is beautiful I don’t know what it is?
I would need something like this
just stack them together. Who
drinks the most coffee on the team?
That’s debatable… because people…. I don’t
drink that much coffee inside the office
but I drink like bowls about that big like at home.
Chris says he has bowls in the morning
Bowls? Both cups… – actually you drink the
bowl. -Remember that green mug? That’s like three cups of coffee.
My nostrils literally just like opened
up my brain synapses is firing
off. It is so good! So Ryan Millsap is the
CEO and president of Black Hall Studios
a very prominent movie studio here in Atlanta.
Funny story of how we actually met Ryan….
so we both had a speaking engagement. We
were on a panel together with the C3
event, about film financing here in
Georgia. Apparently there was a
miscommunication with the email that
went out and we had the wrong address
and it’s funny, like me and Jon and
Kris… we we all showed up at this
address and the doors were locked. I’m
like, what is going on? But there’s this
other gentleman standing there which was
Ryan and he’s like.. well I could give you
guys a ride. That’s actually how we
met Ryan. It was it was kind of
cool, you know. So we actually we all
piled in his limo.. we’re on our way to
the to the C3 event and really got to
get to know each other.

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