Actors: How do you get an AGENT if you don’t have a lot of credits?

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Actors: How do you get an AGENT if you don’t have a lot of credits?

Hey Chris, this is Elle. So I was wondering
what’s your feedback on getting an agent
when you don’t have that many film
credits? However you have a lot of
training and a lot of theater experience.
Hey Elle, so getting an agent before you
have any credits… it’s great that you
actually have the training. So there are
some agents that may take you based on
your training but I would say a majority
of the agents are gonna
take you on based on what you’ve
done in the past and here’s the reason
why. If you have gone out and you’ve
gotten work and you book work by
yourself without an agent what that
shows an agent is that you’ve done this
on your own and you invested in your
career and you’ve done all the hard work
and you’ve submitted yourself on these
roles and you book these jobs. It shows
that you’re dedicated to your craft and
that’s gonna make you that much more
attractive when that resume crosses an
agent’s desk. So they can actually give
you a call and bring you in for an
interview. So I would recommend build up
your resume and do self submissions
before you actually get that get that
agent on board and partner with them.


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