Sports and Music go hand in hand. Learn how from Brandon Bissell of Ballpark Music

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Sports and Music go hand in hand. Learn how from Brandon Bissell of Ballpark Music

- I'm very, very fortunate in that I'm able to marry two things that so many people love each of them. And so many people love both of them. So, being in the middle of all of that, it's really unique. And there's something about music that just, it moves people in ways that and so do sports. I mean, both of those have such passion behind them.

- So Brandon, so thank you for coming out, man. I'm really excited about today's episode because we're gonna be talking about a lot of different things. One of them is like managing large projects, managing large teams, but two topics that a lot of people really enjoy, which is sports and music. And so anybody that has ever been to a sporting event has probably seen a concert and seeing your work.

- I hope so. I hope they come out wonder where they are, yeah.

- So tell me your story. How did you get started all this?

- Yeah, well, so going way back. I used to work for the Detroit Lions. And so we used to do the Thanksgiving Day Halftime Show. I was involved with it from the team side. So just from a basic knowledge of, we could get a stage out there and have a show. That was kind of the first part of it. I knew logistically, we could pull it off. And then when I went to the Braves, was at the Lions for I think nine years. And then I went to the Braves, and they wanted to do a similar thing, but make it more of a ticket driver and have it after the game. So now instead of just a halftime show, which is really entertainment, it's not really meant to sell tickets. Nobody's going because of a five minute halftime show. But if you put a post-game concert in and thats a full show, then you hope people sometimes just buy a ticket just to come for the concert. You obviously want them to see both. But it gives you an opportunity to expose your product to new fans. Maybe they come back one or two. They're not gonna turn into season ticket holders the next day. But maybe they say," Hey, that wasn't so bad," that the parking wasn't bad, all the bad things they might have heard. And then it gives the opportunity for like the Braves have an amazing game entertainment department.

- So there's two separate events.

- That's right, yeah, well, it's one ticket though. But you get them in the building, and you show them what the game looks like. And maybe they're not baseball fans, but they have such a great time. Maybe they come back to a couple more, but in the immediate you want to try to sell some of those tickets that might have gone unsold otherwise. So it's both the entertainment and hopefully you're moving tickets as well.

- So they're buying one ticket for the game. And then they also get access to the concert afterwards.
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