Sales people need to hear this! What are you doing to make sales during the slow-down?

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Sales people need to hear this! What are you doing to make sales during the slow-down?

This is out of people’s control right? It was an unexpected event but as a leader you know we got to roll with it we got to roll with it and and and maintaining that positive attitude and maintaining you know the direction for your team is going to be really really important because again the attitude is everything very excited about this episode so we are actually broadcasting through a webcast because of obviously the situation coronavirus and cant roll the film crew but this is going to be very exciting because in this episode we’re talking about something near and dear to me which is sales and specifically selling during this time and giving your insights so why don’t we dive in I want to get a little bit of background on both of you Marisa maybe if you want to start with you and Stacia I’d love to hear your background how you guys got into all this. So Marisa Pensa Methods In Motion got into this because I attended a program from a company that was teaching sales training and I just found it to be very non-technique-Y and non-gimmicky and I remember saying to my husband one night on the couch and I was like oh yeah I called that company that has a sales training company and I originally it was franchised years and years ago and I told him I said it’s a franchise no way and I remember he said to me he’s like why cannot you’d be great at that you should go for it and it was because of his encouragement that really pushed me and in so Stacia who’s on the phone was on our line rather was a mentor to me for years and so anyway so that’s a little bit of background but it’s just non-technique-y non-gimmicky just a straightforward way to build relationships and grow your business and I’m Statia skinner president of creative training solutions I’ve been doing this let’s just say for a very very long time Marisa and I you know kind of partnered together we wrote a book together which was a lot of fun called competitive selling the guy booked a proactive calling in a reactive world

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