Leveraging Social Media during the Downturn | How do you do it?

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Leveraging Social Media during the Downturn | How do you do it?

We are gonna get through this. This is going to come to an end and if you’re preparing yourself now and getting all this stuff out of the way when it does come to an end you’re gonna be that much more ahead when everything gets back to the way it was before. I’m super excited for today’s episode because we’re going to be talking about social media and the importance of being active on social media especially in times like now where everybody needs to stay connected talking about a bunch of different things. But Before we jump into that I want to get your background I want to know how did you get started all this and get some background on you. Yeah, I appreciate you having me Chris. It was, let’s see I was born in Sarasota Florida and January 1st as a wee little guy won’t go that far but I worked for GM out of college and we were teaching car dealers about the internet and we were doing this sort of Roadshow and I learned very quickly that when you talk about technology or anything different new to people but if you don’t do it in an engaging and layman’s term kind of way you’ll lose them and so ever since then that was back in 2000 I’ve been technology and at the time it was internet with websites and then marking in that social media digital marketing and I wrote a couple books one called e boot camp another one called social media overload got a third one in the works that I hope to get done here sooner than later and I own an agency called impact social media and we do social media marketing for other businesses and I’m normally speaking about 30 or 40 times a year but right now I’m not people face-to-face at all because you’re in crisis that were right now how are you handling that cuz I know a lot of events you know kind of kind of shut down and a lot of us speakers I do a lot of speaking as well so how how are you kind of navigating that a lot of alcohol it’s been hard man I mean it’s #CLevel #ChrisDeBlasio #SocialMedia

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