Are you helping other companies and clients during the crisis? Guest: Attly Aycock of Remington Medical

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Are you helping other companies and clients during the crisis? Guest: Attly Aycock of Remington Medical

As leaders, we make decisions all the time and I think now especially it’s a day-by-day decision. Things are changing so much. I hear everybody saying it’s uncertain, we don’t know exactly what’s gonna happen. I always say well I don’t have a crystal ball, I don’t know exactly how this is gonna play out so the only thing I can do is make decisions on a daily basis depending on what’s happening. I think those are the things and don’t beat yourself up you’re gonna make some great decisions you’re gonna make some not-so-great decisions. The worst thing that you can do is not do anything. What we need right now with the coronavirus going on and somebody that’s actually, you know it trenched entrenched in the medical profession such as yourself so so Attly give me a little bit of background on you and the company and let’s dive right into it yeah sure so I’m Attly Aycock CEO of Remington Medical we’re a medical device manufacturer located just out of Atlanta Georgia we have two facilities up in Alpharetta Georgia and a third facility in the Dominican Republic and we have kind of two divisions one where we make the Remington branded products that service the cardiac rhythm management space urology interventional radiology and some other areas as well and then we have a contract manufacturing side of the business where we manufacture other medical devices companies on their behalf and then they go and take this market and market and sell those so that reselling so you’re making all the equipment and then they resell it on I guess to hospitals and yeah so we’re making our own brand and we’re selling that directly to hospitals and then other device companies use us as like an outsourced manufacturer for them so it’s their IP their design passing it over to us and we’re making that for them…


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