How do you run a business through economic hardships? C-Level LIVE with Salon Bellezza

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How do you run a business through economic hardships? C-Level LIVE with Salon Bellezza

That is the only thing that we can do right. Especially if you’re in the retail environment is push content. I always tell everybody, I say, give your best content for free because you’re helping people especially in times like. They cannot go into your salon, they cannot go into your restaurant. Teach them how to cook the recipe that they enjoy. When the market picks up they’re gonna want to go back to you and have you do it because they don’t want to do the dishes, hair, they don’t want to dye their hands orange you know. So the fact that you are willing to give that information for free is gonna give you the upper hand. The fact that you’re on social media and pushing content is gonna make you stay relevant during these times where a lot of other people are gonna even close their doors and or throw their hands up and say well I can’t have anybody in my shop right now so I guess that’s it. It’s not it! You can get on social media. Ashley, Rebekah give me some background on both of you guys. How did you start Salon Belleza? – So I had done hair for at that point probably 20 22 23-years. To start my own salon because mainly the business and the industry had been really good to me and I wanted to create a place where I could have other stylists who could experience the same thing in my industry. It’s an amazing industry. You can get anywhere especially with the entertainment industry being here in Atlanta. You can just be as little or big as you want it and so I really wanted to create a salon where I helped other stylists who were like me grow. As corny as it sounds really like realize their dreams and fulfill the the need be creative so that’s really how it started how I started it and then Ashley

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