Having a business coach in your corner is valuable especially when you are just starting out

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Having a business coach in your corner is valuable especially when you are just starting out

There are three types of business owners; One people that are gonna cave that are just, I’m gonna go hide I’m just gonna throw my hands up whatever and great! The second type is sit back and do naturally nothing, and then the third type is double down and go all in. Well Jeff I’m super excited to have you on today I think you know a lot of much-needed information is gonna come out of this episode. So you are a business coach, a speaker, but I love to hear about people’s journey. So how did you get into all this then? – It’s a great question. Well I came out of corporate so I was with Bank of America and I was with Wachovia total of about 26-years. Migrating from Richmond Virginia down here and back in mid 2007 Wachovia made a disastrous acquisition of a Savings and Loan out in California that took the bank down and as it was going on it was a subprime loan bank at the peak of the subprime market and the day after they bought it things started going downhill and so they let me and a lot of others go and so it was after 26 years it’s like you know what I there’s got to be more to life than just banking so I looked around I had an about a year severance, looked around and found this and really like this, that’s how I got there. So banking and well obviously been through 2008 and been through all that stuff and now we’re going through the coronavirus so we’re kind of some similarities and some differences. yeah you know I I don’t have much similarities because I was getting into this back when we were in 2008 so I didn’t have a client base I that was a good thing or not because I didn’t have a client base so I wasn’t facing that worried that the next phone call is gonna be a client saying I you know we got two cuts to spend things I’m having that now there’s trade-offs I mean I’ve got revenue coming in now that he didn’t have back then but it’s kind

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