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A conversation with the CEO Sensei – John Fenton

You know it’s unfortunate I mean I don’t know we’re up to 16 million people or something that are unemployed. This is a fresh restart for you. Maybe you should look at where you are employed before and say hey is that something I really wanted to do? If not I got a fresh start, I got a fresh start to go on and do something that I truly want to do because at the end of the day success is not money, in my opinion in, one man’s opinion. Success is not money it’s happiness and when you find happiness that is what’s worth living. Happiness and now we are all given… 16 million of us are given a fresh start. I’ve got John Fenton he’s an entrepreneur, Vistage speaker, best-selling author and I heard something a black belt in Tai Chi.. – Yeah, yeah that’s right. I I’m also known as the CEO Sensei and which means a lot to me. I don’t know what it means to other people. When I was a managing partner running a business I needed something to find, to kind of grab myself and keep my head on straight and we were in a super high growth period and transforming the business in the early 2000s and I just came across by accident a yoga and Tai Chi Center. I went in and met the master and it wasn’t like I can walk in, I didn’t think you know yoga’s gonna be like Lululemon hanging on the wall. This very young Korean gentleman dressed all in black and we met for a little while and I was looking, I was in the studio with him had a meeting. We were sitting on the floor would you like to do that and the martial arts sitting on the floor a lot yeah well I look up it was this big big banner and this big banner it says Tai Chi the way to limitless energy you find your Center and I saw that I said I want to do that. and I did some online research and I and I loved the sword there’s a sword form and all kind of stuff and so I just jumped into it both feet the only time I

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