The Importance of Collaboration | C-Level Guest: Lisa Fey

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The Importance of Collaboration | C-Level  Guest:  Lisa Fey

What makes things good isn’t just people it is people building off of each other, because a bunch of like-minded people are only going to get so far. What really pushes breakthrough thinking and innovation and creativity is building off what you bring versus what I know and adding and adding and adding and that’s when the great ideas come. So today on C-Level I’m excited to have Lisa Fey as she is a TEDx speaker author and consultant and today we’re gonna be talking about working together and collaboration. So Lisa welcome. – Oh it’s great to be here. -So I’m really big on everybody’s journey. I know a little bit about yours. Tell our audience how did you get into all this? How did you start? Where did you come from? That type stuff. – Well I’m a small-town girl from a farm community of about eight hundred. No wait, you don’t want me to go that far back… I think it is relevant to my story. I mean, I am from a small town in North Carolina. I went to the University of North Carolina, talked my way into a job with NBC Sports. Ultimately talked my way into a job at the Coca-Cola company where I ended up spending 30-years. 10-years in sales, 10 in marketing and 10 in training and development and living all over the country and teaching sales training globally. When I had the opportunity to take the next step I decided to go out and become a professional speaker. But you know that’s kind of a weird thing to tell people you do. What I really do is I help people in organizations that have identified that poor communication is a challenge to their business.

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