Thankfulness, Teamwork and Gratitude | C-Level

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Thankfulness, Teamwork and Gratitude | C-Level

Great conversation with Scott Tindle of Kickfin®.. Take a listen!

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Our matrix is gratitude, relationships, innovation, and teamwork. We try and make all of our decisions within that framework start with a foundation of gratitude. If we’re not thankful for what we have we’ll never appreciate blessings we may get in the future. So, Scott, I’m excited about this episode. To have you on the show, serial entrepreneur a man after my own heart. You’ve been on shark tank, you’ve had a lot of success you with some of this leadership like GRIT leadership and having speaking events and stuff like that. So welcome thanks for having me, I’m excited to be here, even remotely it’s still fun. So how is it down there? You’re in Alabama right, mobile? I am yeah I’m down here on the gulf coast and we’re all just trying to do the best we can staying safe, staying healthy, and learning our social distancing protocol which is hard for a guy like me. I’m a hugger, I want to just hug everybody. So you know an interesting challenge. It’s interesting because I think what’s gonna happen is because a lot of us  spent so much time away from each other that the moment that this


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