Legal Issues Concerning Covid-19 | C-Level With Amanda Farahany

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Legal Issues Concerning Covid-19 | C-Level With Amanda Farahany

I think one of the biggest things too is communication. You know its communication. The employer and the employee need to be in constant communication of everything that’s going on because it’s you’ve got two sides here right and everybody’s trying to figure this out but I think communication is the absolute biggest key especially when we are slowly bringing the country back to normal. So on today’s episode a C-Level I’m excited to have Amanda Farahany managing partner of Barrett and Farahany and today we’re gonna be talking a lot about the legal issues surrounding Covid. What to know as an employer and what to know as an employee. So Amanda welcome. – Thank you, glad to be here. So Amanda tell me… I’m really big on people’s backgrounds. Tell me where are you from? How’d you get started? How’d you get started into law? That type of thing. – Hh I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina. I was just there this last week and getting to visit my parents which was nice. Definitely drove, this way even out of my home so yeah this was a big deal. I got to see them, which was nice and my sister has a baby who’s 6-months old and this is the first time I got to meet her so a lot of exciting things there. I got into law really because I met somebody who I thought was super cool and was a lawyer and when I was 14 and he traveled the world and I love to travel and that was it. That was why I chose to become a lawyer.

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