From the NFL to the Boardroom | C-Level Guest Ryan McNeil

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From the NFL to the Boardroom | C-Level Guest Ryan McNeil

It gives us a chance to reflect back on what has been happening and it gives us chance to kind of plan strategize how we move forward. C-Level I’m excited to have Ryan McNeil former NFL player and the CEO of Sports ID. What is good Ryan? Everything’s good Chris, thanks for having me. It’s nice to be on the show. I look forward to the conversation. – Yeah me too. So I mean for the small majority people that don’t know who you are let’s get a little bit background on you and then let’s let’s dive right into Sports ID and what you’re doing over there. So quick and dirty I’ve been around sports most of my life. More than four decades, damn that makes me old but nonetheless mainly as an athlete executive consultant and a business person and so played college football University of Miami. We were pretty good back then. Two national championships, two number twos, one number three, only lost five games in five years. That led to me to being the Detroit Lions first pick in 1993. Played 12-years in NFL. Two-time ALL Pro two-time, Pro Bowler and entrepreneur at ┬áheart. So I always been an entrepreneur and and so Sports ID allows me to combine my two passions in sports and technology. You know and I really have a lot of appreciation for athletes that come out and become entrepreneurs and start these businesses, and do these different things because sometimes you’ve got sports it has a shelf life and so it’s like what’s the next thing? So having guys like you go out there and creating new businesses, your man after my own heart.

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