How Journalism and Social Marketing work Together | C-Level – Guest Devika Rao

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How Journalism and Social Marketing work Together | C-Level – Guest Devika Rao

People have good stories. We just have to do a little bit of a job to get at them and I think that even applies to marketing now. Brands are wonderful and you can personify them if you just dig a little deeper. Devika it’s really great to have you on the on the show today. Thanks for having me. I hope you guys are doing well. Yes same to you. So today we have Devika Rao on the show. President of O’Neil Communications. We are going to be talking a lot of things in business. Devika, I want to hear your background. Where are you from? How did you get into you the line of work that you’re in. Oh that’s a good story I think but yeah I actually I’m from Atlanta. I moved here and when I was 8 with my family. So been here, I went up to Penn State for college so go Nittany Lions for anyone watching that and then we moved back and I was a journalism major. So this has been something… journalism was something I really wanted to do since I was about 12 years old. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. – At Penn State? – At Penn State I was a journalism political science major. Had this awesome idea to be like a political correspondent or something something really fun like that and so came back from school after graduation and just started hustling you know. Just started, the market wasn’t doing so well when it came to journalism. We all know that every media kind of took a dive for a while but it’s usually during those times you kind of figure out how to breakthrough. So kind of went through the motions of freelancing. Started kind of creating a name for that.   #ChrisDeBlasio #CLevel #DevikaRao

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